Here’s just a few of the many fantastic people whose work I recommend and have enjoyed;


Questing Beast is one of the OSR movement’s most visible content creators and a champion to that cause. He does mapmaking tutorials, OSR game and module reviews, game design, dungeon design, and curates a fantastic list of recommended reading in the OSR-sphere.

Patrick Stuart (no not Stewart) is a self-described Vile OSR Boi. Responsible for my favorite half of Veins of the Earth and other work with which I’m less familiar, but his blog is dope and covers some great ground of what I (internally) call “symbiotic design” (designing parts of a whole to work well with each other).


Strong Female Protagonist is a webcomic by Brennan Lee Mulligan and Molly Ostertag. It follows the collegiate life of a troubled young woman trying to reconcile her past as a superhero with the injustice she sees in the world Рessentially a Watchmen where the villains are bigots instead of Russians.