Knavel Rings: 20 (Minor) Magic Rings for the Knave RPG

Hey friends! Slightly different post, this is a supplement for use with Questing Beast’s new RPG, Knave. These rings all have minor magical boons, many of which are specific to Knave’s mechanics or OSR concepts but some of which could be adapted to other systems as well. I numbered them so you could roll a d20 to randomly choose one, in true OSR style.


If you’re unfamiliar with Knave, you can learn more here, or purchase through DTRPG here.


Knavel Rings:


  1. Duelist’s Ring: Your attacks hit when you tie your target’s armor defense.
  2. Band of Quickened Wit: You can use your Intelligence defense instead of your armor defense.
  3. Gladiator’s Ring: If you two-hand a spear, sword, mace, axe, or flail, you can roll damage with advantage.
  4. Ring of Rout: Whenever you hit a creature with a ranged attack, they must make a Morale roll.
  5. Strongman’s Fancy: Add your Strength bonus to your hirelings’ Morale.
  6. Ring of Open Doors: You can cast spells 1 level above your level.
  7. Ring of Unknown Shores: You can read a spellbook backwards to cast a completely random spell at a power one level lower than the original spellbook.
  8. Jester’s Iron Belly Band: You can consume torches as rations and lantern oil as water.
  9. The Odd Couple: You gain the trade skills of whoever wears the paired ring (likely a hireling) as long as they are asleep and within 100 feet of you.
  10. Readers Ring: You become literate.
  11. The Burdener: Items that would take more than 1 slot now take 1; items that would take 1 slot now take 2.
  12. Band of Silkform: Whatever you’re carrying in this hand doesn’t occupy any inventory slots.
  13. Ear Ring: You know instantly if anyone is speaking in code or passing hidden information.
  14. Rebel Ring You take your turn during the enemy’s initiative round, whenever you choose.
  15. Greenleaf: You can make ranged attacks in melee combat
  16. Sniper’s Reward: Until you miss with it, the last arrow in your quiver doesn’t run out.
  17. Ironbone Band: Whenever an item you’re carrying loses a point of Quality, you gain a point of HP.
  18. Eternity’s Toll: When recovering hit points, if you roll a number on the d8 lower than your Constitution bonus, reroll.
  19. Traveller’s Guide: The reaction roll of creatures you meet alone is 1d6+6 instead of 2d6.
  20. Ring of Unerring Precision: You always roll opposed saved versus your opponents lowest defense score.


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