HEXED: A Dark and Desperate Role Playing Game


Tarm Idzy

Hexed is a work-in-progress tabletop roleplaying game that I am designing. It is my attempt to bring the OSR-mindset into a modern era of dice systems and design. The Game Master is empowered to make rulings based on the player's narrative positioning, but players have deep enough options to make interesting, tactical choices.

I think of Hexed as the child of Torchbearer and Darkest Dungeon—an uncompromising dungeon crawler where managing your resources and solving problems with cleverness are required to survive your delve.

Why choose Hexed over similar systems?

Lisa Hall

- Every aspect of the design, from day one, was laser-focused on one goal: putting interesting, meaningful decisions in the hands of the players.
- Creating a character is quick, but the depth of Quirks can radically alter how characters of the same race and class play.
- Characters are differentiated by how they interact with the game's resources, not in how many of those resources they have or how they deal damage.
- Combat has real tactical depth, and every round requires planning, teamwork, and careful consideration.
- Advancement is placed in the hands of the players; you choose when you take the risks required to level up.
- All a character's options are always available to them in combat; spells can be cast freely outside of combat at a cost of time.



Try Hexed yourself:

These materials let you try Hexed for yourself with some pre-made characters. They do not include character creation rules, leveling rules, most of the bestiary, the random tables, advanced GM guidance, rules for creating content, the magic items list, or the world building section explaining Hexed's default setting, Kel. Basically, this is ~40 pages out of ~160 in the full book. Enough to get a taste. If you want the full experience, subscribe below to get updated about the upcoming Kickstarter!

Hexed Basic Rules

Hexed Pre-Made Characters

Hexed Character Sheet V9

Hexed Player Cheat Sheet V5

Wheel Of Despair

Hexed Distance Tracker

(WIP) Starter Adventure: The Lost Fort Greymire

Malcolm Thulin

Hexed is currently on Alpha version 0.11 and is available for private beta playtesting. Public beta and Kickstarter programs are forthcoming. If you're interested, feel free to subscribe to my email list below - I don't spam, as I'm just one guy with no agenda besides sharing my stuff. If you're interested in running a playtest group, please let me know.

Hexed banner image (on my homepage) edited from Hexed’s cover art, original by Pedro Krüger Garcia.