D20 Random Drivers you Meet on the Road

Inspired by that one time I almost died – this morning on my way to work. Useful for any modern day campaign I guess, but tbh I just made this for the meme.


D20 Random Drivers


1:    Bicycle, in the middle of the lane, in a 45+ MPH zone.

2:    Neither hand on the wheel.

3:    Absolutely refuses to take their right of way.

4:    Treats yields and free-flowing lanes like stop signs in all conditions.

5     Uses their turn signal when they’re already in the next lane.

6     Varies their speed for no discernable reason.

7:    4 under the limit when in front of you, 17 over when you try to pass.

8:    Meanders over the entire width of their lane.

9:    Eating something complex – sandwich, takeout with chopsticks, etc.

10:  Is attempting to co-occupy the same physical space as your vehicle.

11:  Blocks passing lane, quietly ruining miles of driving.

12   Pulls into and blocks intersection, pretends not to notice.

13:  In a hurry to brake.

14:  Comes to a complete stop in the traffic circle.

15:  Does not accelerate on on-ramps.  

16:  Sees turn signals as challenges.

17:  Does not see turn signals.

18:  Runs a left turn after their light has already changed.

19:  Honks when they’re at fault.

20:  Behaves predictably and reasonably.


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