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Till Death is a cooperative 2-player game meant to played by a couple, specifically newlyweds. The two players will perform silly activities together, reminisce about the history of their relationship, reveal deep secrets, and puzzle out each other’s preferences in order to run from and fight off an inconveniently timed zombie horde.¬†Till Death is all about how well you know your partner, and strengthening the existing bond between you.

One copy of Till Death can be played approximately 3 times before a couple sees repeat content, and each game will take 45-90 minutes, depending on which activities you draw and how into them you get.


I designed this game as a wedding present for some good friends of mine, and had a version commercially printed for them. The full game is available for personal use free below and can be played with just these materials and two decks of ordinary playing cards – simply print the 6-page Google Doc containing the rules, card guide, and map, then secure two player markers for the couple (approximately the size of a typical gaming pawn).

If, however, you want a fancier version – a version you could give as a gift, or a nice version for you and your partner, I can design one for you. It can be made to specification to match wedding colors or design, and I will even make the map look like the location of your ceremony (using google maps aerial photography or publicly available maps). I’m happy to do this for you, but the cost of printing a single copy of a board game is fairly high – My expenses for 2 decks of average quality custom cards in plain white tuck boxes, a 20×24 folding board, and a game box to hold it all came out to almost $100 shipped to North Carolina. I will create a custom version of Till Death to you for $120+Shipping.

Till Death Full Game

Till Death alternate map with Player 1/Player 2 instead of Bride/Groom, for queer/nonbinary folk.